Hurricane Beryl

At a Glance

  • Beryl's remnants will impact the Great Lakes and Northeast Wednesday.
  • Heavy rain could trigger flooding, especially in northern New England.
  • A few tornadoes are possible, particularly in parts of upstate New York, northern Pennsylvania and west-central New England.

Beryl's remnants will spread inland flooding rainfall and tornado threats through parts of the Great Lakes and Northeast today.

Beryl is now a post-tropical low-pressure system. Beryl's remnants merged with a frontal system yesterday, meaning it lost all tropical characteristics. However, its moisture and energy are giving that frontal system a boost, helping it to produce heavy rainfall and possible tornadoes.

(RECAP: The Latest On Beryl's Impacts)

Rainfall in association with Beryl's remnants and the front is ongoing right now in the Great Lakes. Below is a look at the latest radar as well as any active watches and/or warnings.

Storm Warning Image
Source: The Weather Channel