Independent Agent Handbooks

  • Includes: Independent Agents, Claims Adjusters, Insurance Carriers, MGAs, Brokers and Underwriters.
  • Have been distributed annually throughout the insurance industry since 1889.
  • Provide a comprehensive view of the insurance market in their respective states.
  • Includes a wealth of information for anyone working in the insurance field.

I tell everyone in my unit to order the book. It really is my claims Bible. Thanks for the great service.

Mike Fletcher, Acuity

Now Published As One Directory!

Claim Service Guide

  • The insurance industry‚Äôs premier guide of independent adjusters since 1939.
  • Includes valuable information for each recommended adjuster.
  • Contains an extensive expert service provider and appraiser section.

Insurance Bar

  • Established in 1925 by R.W. Martindale.
  • Contains extensive information for each listed firm.
  • Also includes information on insurance companies, expert service providers, state insurance officials, district courts and more.

Your website and books have been instrumental in locating recommended insurance professionals throughout our region.

Mandy Shelton, FCCI Insurance Group