About Us

Insurance Bar was first established in 1925 by R.W. Martindale. The directory originated as the official medium for the selection of legal counsel by the International Claim Association, the premier group of life, accident, and health insurance companies. The directory was an immediate success and soon expanded its format to meet the needs of the property and casualty claims and loss departments. Law Firms must be recommended in order to qualify for listing.

Claim Service Guide was added in 1939, and lists preferred independent adjusting firms located throughout the world. Only recommended adjusters qualify for listing, and the class of business for which the adjuster has been recommended is indicated in their listing.

Over the years we have added expert service provider and appraiser sections, listing individuals and companies who offer their expertise in various fields associated with the insurance industry.

Insurance Field Handbooks were established in 1889, give a concise view of the local insurance market throughout all 50 states and outline comprehensive statewide data for independent agents.

Now all of this information is available to you in one location on barlist.com. You may access the most up-to-date information and communicate directly with leading insurance industry professionals worldwide.

Founder: R.W. Martindale


Your Success Is Our Success

Properly aligning your needs with recommended insurance professional is core to our business. By providing key information such as company and contact information as well as location you can make the best decision available from tens of thousands of listings!


Our goal has, and always will be, to provide the best network of insurance professionals serving our customers' needs.