Weather and Insurance: Seasonal Spikes Bring Increased Claims

Published on 5/13/2020 by Bar List Publishing

How to Get Through the Increase of Weather-Related Insurance Claims

As if a global pandemic wasn’t tricky enough, April 2020 brought near record-setting numbers of tornadoes. The National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center reports that preliminary numbers bring last month’s total to 351. As far as Aprils go, that’s second only to April 2011. These certainly are historic times.

Expectations Meet Reality

April’s fourteen “killer tornadoes” are more often seen in May, and everyone is hoping that this month doesn’t live up to its reputation. What makes this scary stat all the more tragic is that forty lives were lost. As expected, the southeastern United States took the hardest hit. But as the seasons shift, so do meteorological factors. This means that from late spring into summer we could see the winds change, with storms moving further into the central US.

With so many homeowners and businesses reeling from last month’s disastrous weather, it’s at least reassuring to know that many have insurance policies to lean on. But with another possible round of destructive weather on the way, it’s key that insurance companies are prepared.

Help During the Storm

Working as an insurance adjuster is tough right now. Regional and local restrictions may still apply as states and cities work to combat the novel coronavirus. Add to that difficulty an increased demand to assess and file claims for customers dealing with property loss, or worse. The situation grows more complex by the minute. Companies could find themselves overwhelmed and under-equipped to deal with a larger-than-normal caseload, especially under current circumstances.

At Bar List Publishing we understand that the need for qualified insurance professionals will ebb and flow, and that unpredictable factors can cause dramatic spikes in demand. We’ve lived this reality for well over a century. But this year, more than ever, we are happy to offer our services in hopes of making the seasonal shift in weather-related threats a smoother one.

Over 5,000 professional, independent insurance adjusters can be found in our comprehensive listings. From casualty and catastrophe to fire, flood, wind, and hail, these fully-vetted experts are ready to help handle an influx in claims.

Your Dependable Resource

The Bar List insurance network has always been and will continue to be reliable, useful tool during tumultuous times. Insurance companies can trust that the professionals we list are top quality and experts in their field. So if you’re with an insurance company that is currently being overrun with weather-related claims, know that there are resources available to help ease the burden.

As always, please feel free to reach out for more information, or to inquire about a specific insurance sector. We’re happy to help, and hope to provide some relief during this trying time. Stay safe everyone!