I started working for Continental Western Insurance as a Claim Service Rep in September. I am in the Rocky Mountain Region which services Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. We currently have two outside field adjusters to handle this territory. Needless to say, we make extensive use of independent adjusters in these states. I have found the Claim Service Guide to be very helpful in locating adjusters to work claims for us. Without a doubt, it has saved me a great deal of time, which is already at a premium!! Thank you for publishing such a useful guide.
Pam Uptmor
Claim Service Representative
Continental Western Group
Rocky Mountain Region, Boise, Idaho

We incorporated in May of 1997 and your guide was the first one with which we placed our business. We have been familiar with your service in earlier years, as you have been kind enough to send copies of your book to offices where we worked.

We will be five years old in may of this year. Since this listing, we have done business with others, but yours has generated the most business for us without a doubt. We always ask new clients, "Where did you find us?" and the clear majority refer to the "Green Book."

We count on our advertisement in your book and look forward to many more years of advertising with you. Thank you for the job that you and your staff are doing.

Thomas E. Berry, RPA
Southern Multiline Adjusters, LTD.

Thank you so much for the copies of the Claims Service Guide for our Property Claims Department. This guide has been instrumental in locating both independent adjusters and vendors throughout our region.

I look forward to the continued great service.

Again, my thanks,

Mandy Shelton
Property Claims Adjuster
FCCI Insurance Group

Thank you again for your outstanding assistance with our listings in the Claims Service Guide. Our decision to expand the advertising follows our experience receiving many "un-marketed" assignments and the new client relationships that developed from them. The Guide is convenient, provides a fast geographical reference and is certainly the resource which most of our unsolicited clients report they use. We are very pleased with the results and look forward to continuing with "the green book".
Phil Barrish
Executive General Adjuster / President
Phil Barrish Property Claims, Inc.

I just want to drop you a quick line to let you know how much I enjoy using your books. I use them all the time and they are very handy for looking up other Insurance Companies. Please keep me on your list to receive new publications as they come out. I truly would be lost without them.
Jeanne Archibald
The Andover Companies

Just a note to let you know that we at Sequoia appreciate your publications.
Hal Morrison
Sequoia Insurance Claims

I use your books at least twice a week - great publications!
Dan Metsker
Great American Insurance

Directories are very helpful in other parts of the country.
Bob Johnson
Employers General Ins. Co.

I enjoy getting BLP involved in the Atlanta Claims Association.
Karole A. Keith
Principal Claims Analyst
The Coca-Cola Company

I tell everyone in my unit to order the book. It really is my claims Bible. Thanks for the great service.
Mike Fletcher
Acuity, A Mutual Insurance Company


Referral Examples

We are looking for an attorney knowledgeable in product cases. Our insured's ambulance caught fire and the fire spread to other vehicles and a building. It appears the fire started in the wiring, which was installed by the manufacturer.
Christopher Chelius

We have a case involving a tire blowout on an RV. We are looking for an expert on this matter. Additionally, we are looking for a local counsel in San Antonio. Damages are approximately $130,000 minus some salvage value.
Russ Melton
Foley & Mansfield

We are involved in a case representing an Architect who provided some drawings incident to the erection of a pre-engineered building. Our normal stable of experts do not have any experience in these types of cases. Do you know of a good architect/engineer expert in Michigan that could testify as to standard of care of an Architect where the project involves pre-engineered building and code requirements for such buildings?
Ralph Reisinger

I need an attorney to file suit on a small PD claim in or around Plainville, CT. This could lead to a long term relationship for representation in CT and surrounding states.
Shelby Story

My client seeks an attorney to handle a $105,000 property damage subrogation matter in East St. Louis, IL. Please recommend someone.
Kenneth T. Levine
Nelson Levine de Luca & Horst

My firm is trying to serve a defendant who lives in Denton County in Denton, TX. Can anyone recommend a special process server for that area?
Edward M. Harris
Attorney At Law

I am in need of a transmission expert in the Belleville, IL (St. Louis, MO) area.
Scott D. Homa
Claims Supervisor
Erie Insurance Group

I'm looking for an appraiser for the fire truck damage in Indiana or Chicago area, preferably. Any suggestions?
Teresa Mysliwy

I am looking for a law firm to handle a $300,000 fire case in Boise, Idaho on a contingency fee basis.
June Davis
Unigard Insurance Co.

We are seeking attorneys to enforce Illinois judgments. One Montana company is $10k and one Texas company is $13k.
Timothy J. Lowery
Lowery & Associates

I need a recommendation for subrogation counsel for a 11,000 property damage claim in Witchita.
Peter Vogt
Attorney at Law

I need an expert in small compressor failures in the southern California area. Specifically for a water cooler.
Jay R. Anthony
Safeco Insurance

We are attempting to locate subrogation attorney or attorneys who can handle claims in New Hampshire, Maine and Maryland.
Kevin Moyer
Douglas Law Firm

I need recommendations for an "elevator expert" for a case I have in the Johnstown, PA area.
Richard F. Andracki, Esquire
Andracki Law Offices

Can anyone recommend a company that does Accident Reconstruction in the state of Mississippi?
Chris Villella
CEI Services

I am looking for a top notch investigator in the Des Moines/Altoona area regarding a one vehicle motor vehicle accident.
Stephen R. Chew
Attorney at Law

I am seeking an automobile cause and origin person in the Las Vegas, Nevada area.
Tom Stephani
American Express

I need an attorney in Hawaii to handle a $40k embezzlement claim.
Jacqueline Corcoran
Crawford & Company

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