Litchfield Cavo LLP

1515 Market St., Ste. 1220
Philadelphia  PA  19102 - USA
Tel. (215) 557-0111
FAX. (215) 557-3771

Firm Personnel
Stefanie L.  Anderson   Villanova Univ. S. of L. `09  
Hilary C.  Bonenberger   West Virginia Univ C. of L. `98  
William H.  Catto   Temple Univ. S. of L. `94  
T. Justin  Chapman   Vanderbilt Univ. L.S. `07  
Dennis C.  Coyne   Widener Univ. S. of L. `13  
Michael T.  Droogan, Jr.   Delaware L.S. `89  
Joel I.  Fishbein   Temple Univ. S. of L. `89  
Michael C.  Heyden, Jr.   Rutgers S. of L. at Camden `10  
Andrew S.  Kessler   Temple univ. S. of L. `91  
Richard H.  Martin   U. of Pennsylvania L.S. `66  
Russell S.  Massey   Temple Univ. S. of L. `94  
Sean R.  Riley   Widener S. of L.  
Robert L.  Sanzo   Villanova Univ. S. of L. `93  
Lawrence M.  Silverman   Temple Univ. S. of L. `73  
Christopher H.  Wright   Case Western Reserve Univ. S. of L. `77  

General Insurance and Trial Practice including
Casualty, Environmental, Errors & Omissions, General
Liability, Professional Liability, Product Liability,
Insurance Coverage, Technology Issues, Declaratory
Judgement Action, Bad Faith Defense, Toxic Tort,
Premises Liability, Wrongful Death, Trials and Appeals.

For complete list of clients, see listing  under Chicago, Illinois.  

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