Litchfield Cavo LLP

One Riverway, Ste. 1000
Houston  TX  77056 - USA
Tel. (713) 418-2000
FAX. (713) 418-2001

Firm Personnel
Melinda K.  Bradley   Texas Tech Univ. S. of L. `93  
Daniel W.  Burrows   South Texas C. of L. `80  
Jennifer N.  Chang   U. of Houston L.C. `12  
Kim A.  Cooper   U. of Houston L.C. `94  
Sharon E.  Cullen   U. of Houston `93  
Valarie J.  Eissler   U. of Houston L.C. `93  
Richard L.  Gibson   U. of Mississippi `86  
David M.  Hernandez   U. of Houston `97  
Allison M.  Hooker   U. of Houston L.C. `04  
Andrew T.  McKinney   U. of Houston L.C. `80  
Erin H.  Pikoff   South Texas C. of L. `99  
Ellen G.  Tagtmeier   South Texas C. of L. `89  
Tory F.  Taylor   South Texas C. of L. `98  
Bronwyn B.  Tilton   U. of Houston `96  
H. Kent  Twining   U. of Houston `81  
Matthew D.  Walker   U. of Illinois C. of L. `97  
Robin H.  Wexler   Texas State C. of L. `98  
Terry M.  Womac   U. of Houston `76  
Peter  Zavodnyik   Notre Dame L.S. `95  

General Insurance and Trial Practice including
Casualty, Environmental, Errors & Omissions, General
Liability, Professional Liability, Product Liability,
Insurance Coverage, Technology Issues, Declaratory
Judgement Action, Bad Faith Defense, Toxic Tort,
Premises Liability, Wrongful Death, Trials and Appeals.

For complete list of clients, see listing  under Chicago, Illinois.  

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