Litchfield Cavo LLP

303 W. Madison, Suite 300
Chicago  IL  60606 - USA
Tel. (312) 781-6677
FAX. (312) 781-6630

Firm Personnel
James E.  Abbott   Chicago-Kent C. of L. `98  
Elizabeth A.  Alberico   U. of Dayton S. of L. `08  
Michael P.  Baniak   Loyola U.-Chicago S. of L. `13  
Jonathan E.  Barrish   Loyola U. S. of L. `92  
Kenneth J.  Barrish   DePaul U. `88  
Alan I.  Becker   Yale U. L. S. `70  
Tracy C.  Beggs   U. of Michigan `80  
Christie Bolsen  Benear   Ohio State U. `08  
Alan M.  Bernover   U. of Miami `01  
Steven M.  Brandstedt   DePaul U. `02  
James R.  Branit   Chicago-Kent `85  
Nicholas D.  Butovich   Loyola U.-Chicago S. of L. `01  
Brandon M.  Cavanaugh   Loyola U.-Chicago S. of L. `09  
Grace P.  Chua   Loyola U.-Chicago S. of L. `16  
Michelle K.  Correia   DePaul Univ. C. of L. `08  
Thomas M.  Crawford   Thomas M. Cooley L. S. `92  
Philip F.  Cuevas   John Marshall L.S. `00  
Alissa N.  DeConnick-Laufer   Chicago-Kent `04  
Kathrin M.  Deutschle   Chicago-Kent `04  
Claudia B.  Diaz   Tulane L.S. `02  
Dennis M.  Dolan   Wayne State U. `95  
Timothy J.  Dorr  
Casey M.  Dunn  
Cole G.  Dunnick   DePaul Univ. C. of L. `06  
Carrie A.  Durkin   Chicago-Kent `79  
Mitchell H.  Frazen   U. of Michigan L. S. `80  
Jeannine S.  Gilleran   Chicago-Kent C. of L. `93  
Michael L.  Hahn   Loyola U.-Chicago L.S. `95  
James F.  Hendricks, Jr.   Loyola U. `73  
Laura  Howkins   Chicago-Kent `91  
Jason E.  Hunter   Chicago-Kent C. of L. `96  
Thomas A.  Jacobson   DePaul Univ. C. of L. `03  
Ryan D.  Janski   Chicago-Kent C of L. `14  
Anita S.  Johnson   DePaul U. `76  
Patrick S.  Kenney   DePaul Univ. C. of L. `14  
Kearney W.  Kilens   DePaul U. `85  
Peter C.  Kim   Loyola U.-Chicago S. of L. `03  
Robert G.  Lammie   IIT Chicago-Kent `81  
Samantha A.  Levinson   John Marshall L.S. `01  
Phillip G.  Litchfield   Chicago-Kent C. of L.  
Daniel G.  Litchfield   U. of Chicago L. S. `83  
Richard H.  Martin   U. of Pennsylvania L.S. `66  
Hope G.  Nightingale   U. of Chicago L. S. `81  
Brian W.  Norkett   Northwestern U. `86  
Nicholas J.  Parolisi, Jr.   DePaul U. `89  
Lauren  Penn   St. Thomas U. `03  
Cecil  Porter   Northern Illinois Univ. C. of L. `01  
Brian M.  Reid   Chicago-Kent `89  
Joseph B.  Royster   Emory U. `90  
Patrick J.  Ruberry   U. of Illinois S. of L. `84  
Matthew R.  Rudolph   DePaul Univ. C. of L. `14  
Paul A.  Ruscheinski   Chicago-Kent C. of L. `03  
Gina G.  Santostefano   John Marshall L.S. `10  
Scott D.  Stephenson   John Marshall L.S. `86     
Joseph P.  Sullivan   Wayne State U. `85  
Patrick J.  Sullivan   U. of Iowa L. S. `89  
Christopher M.  Sweeney   John Marshall L.S. `16  
Stephanie W.  Tipton   Chicago-Kent `99  
Kevin A.  Titus   U. of Michigan L.S. `93  
Alan S.  Zelkowitz   Washington Univ. S. of L., St. Louis `89  

General Insurance and Trial Practice including
Casualty, Environmental, Errors & Omissions, General
Liability, Professional Liability, Product Liability,
Insurance Coverage, Technology Issues, Declaratory
Judgement Action, Bad Faith Defense, Toxic Tort,
Premises Liability, Wrongful Death, Trials and Appeals.

Representative Clients:
Ace Westchester Specialty Group
ACE Private Risk Services
Acadia Ins. Co.
Admiral Ins. Co.
Advocate M.D. Ins. of the Southwest, Inc.
AIG Technical Services, Inc.
AIX Specialty Ins. Co.
Allianz China General Ins. Co. Ltd.
Allied World Assurance Co.
Allstate Ins.
American Employers` Ins. Co.
American Equity Specialty Ins.
American Excess Ins. Assn.
American Hardware Ins. Co.
American Home Products Co.
American Modern Ins. Group
American Motorists Ins. Co.
American Safety Ins. Co.
Amica Mutual Ins. Co.
Apria Healthcare
Argonaut Ins. Co.
Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals
ATC Group Services, Inc.
Atlantic Casualty Ins. Co.
Atlantic Mutual Cos.
Atrium Cos., Inc.
Bankers Ins. Co.
BDO Siedman
Beazley Group
Bechtel Corp.
Bellefonte Ins. Co.
Brinker Intl.
Bunker Hill Ins. Co.
Burlington Ins. Group
Cabot Corp.
Cannon Cochran Mgmt. Services, Inc.
Carolina Casualty Ins. Co.
Catlin Specialty Group
Century Surety Co.
Chesterfield Services
Chubb Group of Ins. Cos.
Cincinnati Ins. Cos.
CNA Ins. Cos.
Compass Ins. Co.
Connecticut Life & Casualty Ins. Co.
Contemporary Services Corp.
Continental Western Group
Cuna Mutual Group
Empire Indemnity Ins.
Encompass Ins. Co.
Endurance Services Ltd.
Essex Ins. Co.
Farmers Ins. Group
Federal Express Co.
Federal Ins. Co.
Federated Dept. Stores
Fidelity Natl. Ins. Co.
Fireman`s Fund Ins. Co.
First Mercury Ins. Co.
GAB North America
Gallagher Bassett Services
G.E. Ins. Solutions
General Casualty Co.
General Claims Solutions, LLC
General Motors Acceptance Corp.
Glaxo Smithkline Beecham
Global Indemnity Group
GMAC Ins. Co.
Great American Ins. Co.
Great Northern Ins. Co.
Greenwich Ins. Co.
Hanover Ins. Co.
Hartford Ins. Group
Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Ins. Co.
HCC Global Financial Products LLC
Helmsman Mgmt. Services, Inc.
Houston General Ins.
ICI Americas Inc.
IFA Ins. Co.
ING Group
Investors Underwriting Mgrs., Inc.
James River Ins. Co.
Jiffy Lube Intl.
JWF Specialty Co., Inc.
Kemper Ins. Cos.
Kinsale Ins. Co.
K&K Ins. Group, Inc.
Komori Corp.
Lexington Ins. Co.
Liberty Intl. Underwriters, Inc.
Liberty Surety First/Ohio Casualty Ins. Co.
Lumberman`s Mutual Ins. Co.
Markel Underwriting Mgrs., Inc.
Masco Corp.
Merchants Ins. Group
Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.
Mid-Continent Casualty Co.
Mid-West Employers Casualty Co.
MiddleOak Cos.
Mori Seiki U.S.A., Inc.
Motorist Ins. Co.
Mutual Marine Offices, Inc.
NAS Ins. Group
National Casualty Co.
National Loan Acquisitions Co.
Nationwide Ins. Co.
Nautilus Ins. Group
Navigators Mgmt. Co.
New Jersey Manufacturers Ins. Co.
North American Risk Services
North American Specialty Ins. Co.
Northland Ins. Group
Ohio Casualty Group
Old Dominion Freight Lines, Inc.
Old Republic Ins. Co.
One Beacon Ins. Group
Parsons Government Services, Inc.
Penn Millers Ins. Co.
Philadelphia Indemnity Ins. Co.
Premier Ins. Mgmt., Inc.
Princeton Ins. Co.
Professional Enterprises Organization, Inc.
Professionals Direct Ins. Co.
Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
Rental Ins. Services, Inc.
Resolute Mgmt., Inc.
Risk Enterprise Mgmt., Ltd.
Riverport Ins. Co.
Riverstone Claims Mgmt.
RLI Ins.
Royal SunAlliance Ins.
RSUI Indemnity Group
Ryan Specialty Group
Sagamore Ins. Co.
Schindler Elevator Corp.
Scottsdale Ins. Co.
Seabright Ins. Co.
Sedgwick Claims Mgmt. Services
Seneca Ins. Co.
Sentry Ins. Co.
ServiceMaster Mgmt. Services, LLP
Shelter Ins. Co.
SJA Ins. Agency, LLC
Societa Industrial Construzioni
Sompo Japan Ins. Co.
Sparta Ins. Co.
Specialty Risk Services
Stonecreek Specialty
Stonewall Ins. Co.
Swiss Reinsurance Co.
Third Coast Underwriters
TIG Ins. Co.
Transport Ins. Co.
Travelers Ins. Cos.
UCC Ins. Board
Unisys Corp.
United America Ins. Group
United Natl. Group
Unitrin Business Ins.
Utica Natl. Ins. Co.
Vermont Mutual Ins. Group
Veri Claim
Villanova Ins. Co.
W.L. Gore & Assoc.
W.R. Berkley Corp.
Wells Fargo
Western Heritage Ins. Co.
Yasuda Fire & Marine Ins. Co., Ltd.
Zurich Ins. Co.

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