CJ Hester Inc

P.O. Box 7014
Douglasville  GA  30154 - USA
Tel. 877-342-4111
FAX. 877-342-4116
Email: claims@hesterinc.net

A Multiline Company handling Commercial and  Residential Property, Construction Defect,  General Liability, Truckers Liability and Cargo,  Auto Liability, Liquor Liability, Products  Liability, Municipal Liability, Workers`  Compensation, Fraud/Arson Investigation, Inland  Marine, Fidelity and Surety, Heavy Equipment Appraisals  and Auto Damage Appraisals, Mining, Trial Monitoring  and Mediation Attendance/Representation, Background  Checks and Witness Location.  

Firm Personnel
Steve  Camp  General Multiline Adjuster/Investigator  
Jack  Camp  General Multiline Casualty Adjuster/Investigator  
Phillip J.  Kelley  General Adjuster  

References available upon request.

24 Hour Service Covering a 100 Mile Radius of  Atlanta, GA. Please Route all Assignments  Through Mobile, AL Office - (877) 342-4111,  Fax (877) 342-4116, claims@hesterinc.net,  www.hesterinc.net  

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