D. L. Dravis & Associates, Inc.

P.O. Box 430
Altoona  PA  16603 - USA
Tel. 814-943-6155
FAX. 814-943-6002
Email: claims@dldravis.com

Whether you need us to simply handle overflow appraisals  or perform as your Entire Claims Department, we`ll do  whatever it take to help you SUCCEED. Our skilled staff  of adjusters and appraisers are equipped to handle: your  First- and Third-Party Property Claims, and all of your  General Liability Homeowners and Commercial Claims needs.  We are available to conduct a full investigation and  process the claim through completion, including determining  value, settlement, and any mediation. Our team of experts  is ready to handle your Auto, Commercial Truck, Tractor  Trailer, RV, Boat and Motorcycle appraisal needs. Our  team of appraisers has decades of experience, produce  high-quality work and have quick cycle-time.  

Firm Personnel
Bryan  Taylor  
Lisa  Noel  

References available upon request.

D.L. Dravis & Associates, Inc. has seen over 30 years  of consistent growth and is poised to continue with  creating a national presence in the multi-line claims  adjusting industry. As of publication date, we have  branch offices located in Indiana and North Carolina.    Please visit our website, www.dldravis.com, for the  most up-to-date coverate territory.    Assignment requests to: claims@dldravis.com or  P.O. Box 430, Altoona, PA 16603.  

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