Portrait of Bar List Publishing Founder R.W. Martindale

The Bar List Publishing Company was founded by R.W. Martindale in 1925. The INSURANCE BAR was first published as a compilation of attorneys serving the insurance industry for use by members of The International Claims Association, a group of life, accident and health insurance companies. The INSURANCE BAR was endorsed by The International Claims Association as its official means for the selection of legal counsel. Because the directory was an immediate success, it was soon expanded to meet the needs of casualty, property, and loss departments for the handling of insurance defense litigation, trials, investigations, adjustments, and general insurance practice matters.

In 1939, the first edition of the CLAIM SERVICE GUIDE was published to include independent adjusters and investigators, sections that were formerly part of the INSURANCE BAR. In 1970, the format for the adjusters section was changed to provide expanded and detailed information. This format is now an industry standard. Additional service personnel, such as appraisers, engineers, investigators, property specialists, replacement and salvage contractors, and many others were subsequently added, as well as the Roster of Claims Personnel. The Roster lists insurance companies and independent adjusters, home and branch offices, and national, state and local claims associations throughout the United States.

Independent Agent Handbooks were first printed in 1889, making these directories the oldest and most complete industry resource. Insurance company field reps, independent agents, brokers, MGA's, adjusters, attorneys, and now the general public via our website have access to over 100,000 listings of independent agents ... by far the largest available to the industry. Enhancements to our product line, and the evolution of the Internet, have helped make Bar List Publishing Company the most complete insurance industry resource worldwide!

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